China Bans LGBT Content From the Web

On June 30, the Chinese government banned LGBT content from the internet. The new regulation, enforced by the China Netcasting Services Association, censors any online content — including video and audio content — that displays “abnormal sexual behaviors,” including homosexuality.

Other content that will be edited or banned outright includes anything that promotes “luxurious lifestyles” or “obscenity.”

Many are viewing the new regulation as simply the latest attempt by the Chinese government to tighten its grip on the internet. China has never had a great track record when it comes to free speech, but in May the nation overhauled its internet regulations, instituting burdensome restrictions on news and media outlets. Websites, blogs and instant messaging tools must all now obtain licenses from the government to operate.

But this is also yet another attempt by China to clamp down on LGBTs.

Chinese LGBT magazine Gay Voice commented on the new regulation by saying, “The false information in these regulations has already caused harm to the Chinese LGBT community, who are already subjected to prejudice and discrimination.” Read more via Unicorn Booty