US: op-ed, I'm a Bisexual Guy and, No, It's Not Just a Phase

by Eliel Cruz-Lopez  @elielcruz

A few months ago, I came out as bisexual to my new gay friend. It took only a few minutes for him to ask when I'd last had sex with a woman. I was prepared for the question and gave him the answer without missing a beat. This was nothing new to me.

I'm well aware that people often view my openness about being bisexual as a tacit relinquishing of privacy about my sex life. For many people who aren't bisexual, I have to prove myself—and the fact that, no, I'm actually not gay—by openly having sex with people of multiple genders at any given time.

People have consistently asked me these sorts of questions since I was 14, the first time I publicly came out as bisexual. As I dated girls throughout my teenage years, my friends would ask me if I was still certain I was bisexual. When I began to date guys in college, my parents asked me if I had “picked a side” yet. When I told them I was still bisexual, they assumed I was still going through a phase and would eventually decide to be straight or gay.

Anyone who's waiting for me to pick a side will be waiting forever because it's never going to happen. I'm bisexual, and that's that. Read more via Self