Cambodia: First monthly meeting of Cambodian LGBTI small entrepreneurs

The LGBTI movement in Cambodia continues to expand and grow in strength despite still being  relatively new. Many LGBTI Cambodians are not economically independent and the LGBTI movement does not have sufficient tools to overcome the existing prejudices that continue to deprive LGBTI people from access to employment. As a result, LGBTI people are confined to poor living conditions and limited opportunities for socialising making them all the more vulnerable.

In May 2017, Micro Rainbow International organised the first monthly meeting in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, with 15 LGBTI people who needed support to start a small business and others who wanted to understand more about how to become economically active and live independently.

At the meeting, some of those small entrepreneurs who have started a small business thanks to the support of MRI shared their experience, the challenges, good practices, and gave some recommendation to those who were thinking of starting a small income generating activity. Read more via Micro-Rainbow