UK: This is why trolling is just as painful as IRL hatred

Deputy CEO of Ditch The Label Sue Jones on why the CPS is right to crackdown on cyberbullying

The impacts of cyberbullying and trolling are just as serious as bullying in real life. It is simply another platform in which abuse happens. If someone is experiencing bullying both on and offline then the impacts are of course amplified. That’s why the UK’s Crown Prosecution Service is right to crackdown on trolling further. Cyberbullying invades traditionally safe spaces. It means bullying can happen in plain sight of others without them even realizing.

We know from our research at Ditch The Label that as a result of cyber bullying:

  • 37% of young people have developed depression.
  • 26% have experienced suicidal thoughts.
  • 24% self-harmed.
  • 20% skipped school.

These are very serious and often long-term consequences. Young people have unprecedented access to a world of information online from an early age. Often without the appropriate skills to navigate around the internet.

The internet has redefined how they communicate. Young people’s online identity is often closer to their ‘real self.’ When your identity is attacked or targeted in any way, the damage can be profound. Read more via Gay Star News