India: Freedom Of Sexual Orientation Is Now A Fundamental Right In India

On August 24, The Supreme Court passed a judgement that privacy is a fundamental right for every Indian. The case was put forth after petitions were filed to challenge the government ordering the mandatory use of Aadhaar cards. The Supreme Court released a statement saying: "Right to Privacy is an integral part of Right to Life and Personal Liberty guaranteed in Article 21 of the Constitution."

While the focus was on Aadhaar, the judgment has implications for several other issues, including sexual rights and freedoms. Specifically, WE HAVE ALL OF THE SEXUAL RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS:

via Mayank1029

via Mayank1029

Furthermore, the judgement states: "The rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender population cannot be construed to be 'so-called rights'... Their rights are not 'so-called' but are real rights founded on sound constitutional doctrine."