UK: Thousands join Women's March in London for gender equality

Thousands of women have turned out for the global Women’s March in London despite the heavy rain and sleet, one year after millions marched in seven continents.

Across the road from Downing Street and stretching back past the memorial to women in the second world war, protesters chanted “Time’s up” and “We want justice not revenge” on Sunday.

Organised by Women’s March London, whose protest a year ago shut down central London, it was named the Time’s Up rally in honour of the campaign launched in January by women in Hollywood to counter sexual harassment in the entertainment business and workplaces following the Weinstein scandal and #MeToo movement.

There were women and men of all ages and backgrounds in the audience.

Bea Miller, holding a sign that read “I rebel therefore we exist”, said: “I’ve been fighting for equality for women for as long as I can remember and feel like the time is now for women to finally smash the patriarchal system that keeps us all – men and women – oppressed.”

Towards the end it began to snow and the words on many handmade signs were running. One protester held a placard showing support for transgender women. Marie Dalle said: “A lot of my friends are trans women and I see how they suffer each day. There is a problem in the feminist movement and we need to accept they are women and take into account their experiences.”

Holding the sign up, she said: “I made this because I want to help trans women be heard here.”

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