Thousands of women have turned out for the global Women’s March in London despite the heavy rain and sleet, one year after millions marched in seven continents.

BERLIN — Thousands took to the streets of European capitals, among them Berlin, Paris and London, on Sunday as part of the global “Women’s March” movement.

One day after large crowds attended protests across the United States and all over the world, including in Rome, Sydney and Buenos Aires, it was northern Europe's turn. While those who marched rallied against a number of issues — including the gender pay gap and perceived injustices in the Middle East — they all appeared to share a common dislike for President Trump. The number of rally participants worldwide was lower than the millions who took to the streets a year ago, but the “resistance” against Trump still drew hundreds of thousands.

Under the slogan “Time’s Up,” speakers such as women’s rights activists Helen Pankhurst were invited to raise public awareness about persistent gender inequalities and the global #MeToo movement in London on Sunday. Hundreds attended the rally.

In Berlin, about 500 people — including Americans, Germans, Palestinians, Israelis and Finnish citizens — turned up at a rally near the iconic Brandenburg Gate, waving banners against xenophobia and misogyny. Read more via Washington Post