Women's March Dials Up Major Crowd Size

One year after millions of marchers took to the street to reject the inauguration of Donald Trump, hundreds of thousands of protesters on Saturday poured through cities across the nation, and, indeed, the world. In the intervening year, a string of reports laying bare pervasive sexual harassment and misconduct in workplaces from Washington D.C.’s Capitol Hill to Hollywood’s studios have added further texture to the movement, with anti-Trump fervor remaining at, or at least near, its core.

While the raw numbers didn’t quite match those of the unprecedented Women’s Marches of last year, this Saturday’s turnout around the country revealed a sustained, impactful resistance. Women told Vanity Fair they were inspired by the Time’s Up movement, by their communal sharing of #MeToo experiences of sexist treatment and/or sexual misconduct, and a general sense of being fed up with what they characterize as a patriarchal status quo.

Like those last year, the movement sparked international marches, as well. Protesters marched in Rome, Italy; Kampala, Uganda; Frankfurt, Germany; and Osaka, Japan, and with marches planned for Beijing, Buenos Aires, and Nairobi.  Read more via Vanity Fair

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