Nepal: An inspiring story about a lesbian activist

Apeksha Dahal( 24) , a young and open lesbian has been working for more than seven years in the LGBTI movement. Dahal is associated with Blue Diamond Society. Initially rejected by family, restricted in school, forced to get married to a man, Apeksha started her journey as an activist from Makwanpur to Kathmandu. 

She has been involved in BDS since 2011, while since 2013 in a project of UNICEF. She is providing social and financial skill development training to Children Affected by HIV (CABA) and LGBTI adolescents since five years.

She is a peer educator at National Federation of Women living with HIV and AIDS (NFWLHA), and this training program is being rolled out through it.

The packaged training is named as Rupantaran. She has provided training to more than 90 CABA children and also LGBTI adolescents in Kathmandu. She has been involved with NFWLHA through YKAP, which means young key affected population. Through this program, many CABA children have expressed their success stories where many of them have been empowered strongly. Read more via Pahichan