South Africa: Same-sex marriage in the SA Indian community, religious leaders speak out

Over time the world has changed and has become more understanding. Same-sex marriage has been legal in South Africa since 30 November 2006. People’s ideas, thoughts and definitions of what a normal relationship is has changed, or has it?

The President of the South Africa Hindu Maha Sabha (SAHMS), Ashwin Trikamjee said “the Indian community has been accepting of same-sex marriage, there is no fuss about it. Society does not frown on it either”.

In Hindu weddings many rituals are done to unite the two individuals. Ashwin Trikamjee said “the wedding ceremony is modified to exclude any gender preference.”

That means that Hindu weddings are not just modified for same-sex marriage but also for the whole LGBT community.

Mufti Moosa Salie of the Islamic Body of the Jamiat Ulama said “as Muslims, we do not have the liberty of a personal position on a matter whose position is clear under Islamic Law. Same-sex marriages are prohibited in Islam and if performed would be considered invalid according to Islamic Law.”

The Islamic Body of Jamiat says that they do not have any rituals or customs that differ for a gay Muslim. When a situation arises where they have a gay Muslim, Moosa Salie said “they would counsel the individual in regards to how best to bring their lives in conformity to Islamic teachings”.

Unfortunately this does not seem to leave much space for a person to be gay and stay within the religion. One person who is trying to change this is Imam Muhsin Hendriks founder of The Inner Circle. Read more via Indian Spice