South Korea: “You can't change your existence, but you can change your eyes.”

Four Christian gathered in one place to dream of a world free from discrimination. 

First, <Anti-discrimination Regiment Solidarity> opened a story center on the subject of anti-discrimination law. They say discrimination and hate are taking place in the name of anti-discrimination laws, and that political and social opposition is encouraging discrimination and hate.

When the Anti-Discrimination Act was legislatively announced in 2007, opposition forces responded and the Ministry of Justice removed seven anti-discrimination reasons (sexual orientation, educational background, family type and family situation, medical history, national origin, language, crime, and the power of disposition) and initiated the bill.

Under these circumstances, human rights and civil society organizations have formed anti-discrimination joint actions and have begun activities to enact anti-discrimination laws. In 2011, the Anti-Discrimination Legislative Solidarity was launched, which has been actively involved in legislation.

"The world is not equal just by making the anti-discrimination law," they explained. "If the situation does not create the anti-discrimination law, the world is never equal."


The church has chosen to take the path of discrimination and exclusion, to refuse to be the body of Christ, and stereotypes and prejudice against the socially weak can never realize the value of Christian love. -2019.09.26. Statement on the Human Rights Center of the Korean Christian Church Council

In the second part, Protestant, Buddhist, Won-Buddhist, and Catholic priests participated to talk about discrimination, aversion, and equality within each religion. They said that there could be no discrimination or aversion in the doctrines of each end, but they said in common that there was a difference in the doctrine of teaching and reality.

Revelation criticized for leading the opposition to anti-sexuality and anti-discrimination law, Rev. Lim Bora, pastor of the Human Rights Center of the Christian Church of Korea, said that Protestantism had a history of overthrow of dictatorship and the struggle for democracy. In this historical flow, there wasn't enough preparation for how to capture the dignity of a person in a multi-disciplinary society. ”

Father Park Dong-ho, the Catholic Human Rights Commission of Korea, said he was hesitant about making issues of sexual minorities in the church. There were only two people who came to sexual orientation problems during their 30 years as priests, not because there are no sufferers in Catholicism, but because they prohibit talking about them in the Catholic atmosphere. He also said that he does not want to make it an open pastoral theme, and that there is a part of Korea Catholic Church that selectively takes or ignores the universal doctrine of the World Catholic Church.

Kang Hyun-wook, a member of the Won Buddhism Commission on Human Rights, said in 2012 that the juniors who were preparing for Won Buddhism were sexual minorities before graduating. Since then, discourse on this has not been done on a denominational level, and he stated that if the problem of sexual minorities in Won Buddhism arises as a big discourse, he will not make the immature choice as in the past.

One audience who said he was an activist and Catholic believer said his son was gay and found out 11 years ago. At that time, there was no place to ask about sexual minorities, and he had a hard time for two years.

I was a Catholic, and when I thought my son was gay, I prayed with tears to change God (son) every day in the cathedral, knowing it was a sin. Then one day in prayer, 'I can't change my existence. Eyes looking at a being can be changed. '

Some sexual minorities make extreme choices. "It's hard, but we have to protect and save our children." Keep in mind that God is true love. ”

The monk who left the Korean Buddhism Orthodox Buddhist Association asked if there was a left-hander here. When asked why the hand is left-handed, the answer came back 'because he was born.' One can say there may be left-handed or two-handed ones, and he points out that there may be genetic and environmental factors when considering why he became left-handed.

I know it's hard to compare sexual orientation to left-handedness, but he says it should be minimal, but he doesn't hate left-handed people. He should not blame each other for his sexual orientation, nor should he hate it. "We have been constantly thinking about heterosexuality in heterosexual cultures and have been under environmental pressure to do so."

Father Dong-ho Park was optimistic that if we wish and enlist the day when the comprehensive anti-discrimination law is enacted, we will soon eliminate discrimination in our lives for ridiculous reasons.

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