Pope Francis: “No Son or Daughter Can Be Thrown Out of the Home,” Including LGBTQ Children

Pope Francis again has opined about homosexuality in a seemingly positive, but still ambiguous, manner during a recent interview.

The journalist, Jordi Evole of La Sexta, a publication in Spain, asked Francis about two previous remarks the pope had made about sexuality: his famous “Who am I to judge?” in 2013 and his comment last year which some interpreted as an endorsement of conversion therapy. 

The pope criticized “ill-intentioned” media coverage for the dispute over his August 2018 comment, which many understood as Francis’ endorsement of conversion therapy but which the Vatican later clarified by saying that the pope does not consider homosexuality a mental illness. 

These latest remarks are largely positive, and they clarify that Pope Francis did not have conversion therapy in mind when referencing psychiatric care for children who may be gay. His intention was to affirm the intervention of professional help when a child is coming to understand their sexuality, especially because learning about the gay or lesbian orientation of a son or daughter can sometimes be difficult for a family. Perhaps best of all is Francis’ affirmation that no child, including an LGBTQ one, should be thrown out of their home.

But references to a LGB identity becoming “set” or a child showing “strange symptoms” that may indicate they are gay are reminders that the pope’s approach to homosexuality is still well short of where it should be.  Read more via New Way Ministry