India: Future Fluent Global Summit Paved the Way to Incorporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness in Organizations

Globalization demands a better understanding between diverse peoples. When people understand one another better they grow more tolerant and conflict and strife decrease. To help create a more tolerant and inclusive world Ask Insights held its Future Fluent Global Summit where for the first time thought leaders from across the world spoke in India from a single platform on diversity, equity, and inclusiveness. The passion within all the speakers was evident during the summit as was their conviction that diversity, equity, and inclusiveness not only add value to organizations but that they are the only way forward for humanity.

Future Fluent Global Summit jointly created by Ask Insights and UNDP witnessed presence of more than 400 professionals from fortune 500 firms along with global leaders in D&I space. During the summit, global thought leaders presented views, experiences, expected trends, and strategies related to diversity, equity, and inclusion to organizations. An examination of big-picture trends likely to impact the future was also part of the discussion. The big picture trends examined included Gender Realities in India- Breakthrough Solutions, Women and Inclusion, Gender and LGBTQ Friendly Organizational Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Consulting and Training using all-round interventions like Top Leadership Modules, Managers Modules, and Women in Leadership (Project Breakthrough), Women Mentorship (Ultimate Breakthrough), and Front Line Programs.

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