Politics of Union

Thailand set to legalize same-sex unions

Thailand may have a reputation for acceptance when it comes to the transgender females that perform in the capital's extravagant cabaret shows, but the country's legal system, like many in Southeast Asia, has traditionally been less accommodating to the LGBT community.

Romania Conservatives Wanted Voters to Limit Definition of ‘Family.’ They Failed.

A referendum in Romania on whether to narrow the constitutional definition of a family to a man and a woman failed spectacularly over the weekend, with just 20.4 percent of the voting population taking part.

US: Important information for G-4 visa holders in the United States

If you are a staff member on a G-4 visa in the United States and in a domestic partnership, and your partner is on a derivative G-4 visa, please know that the State Department is now requiring that you be legally married in order to continue to be able to secure a derivative G-4 visa for your partner.

Romania: In the matter of the constitutionality of the proposed revision of the Constitution of Romania

To assist the Romanian Constitutional Court to examine the compatibility of the proposed change with international human rights obligations, Amnesty International, together with ECSOL (European Commission on Sexual Orientation Law) and ILGA-EUROPE (European Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association), made legal submissions on 14 September.

Chinese activists renew push for same-sex marriage in their thousands

Chinese activists are rallying in their thousands to renew a push for same-sex marriage, making use of a rare window of opportunity to suggest revisions to a draft piece of legislation to include legal protections for the gay community.