Behold, I make all things new: What do the sacred texts of Judaism, Christianity and Islam really say in regard to human sexuality?

Behold I make all things new is an exciting window on how modern Judaic, Christian and Muslim theologians are unpacking the scripture verses most often used to condemn homosexuality. 
Born out of a historic panel discussion on human sexuality at the Church of Sweden’s 2015 Festival of Theology, the book is meant for theologians, academics, LGBTIQ people, their families and friends. Our prayer is that it brings the world at large to a better understanding of our gracious God of Love. 

“Faith cannot be separated from our sexuality and there are no aliens in the household of God. Working on an interfaith basis allows us to examine more deeply the things that bind us together in our One God. I strongly recommend this book which explores these issues and brings a deeper understanding of who we are in the God who first created us.”
-Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane

by Global Interfaith Network (GIN-SSOGIE) this book is now available for purchase from Amazon