US: Chemsex Fueling Sexual Compulsivity

An increasing number of men who have sex with men (MSM) are taking part in a combination of drug use and sexual behavior. Recently termed Chemsex, the use of chemicals to “enhance sexual pleasure” results in an insatiable sexual appetite.

This epidemic is afflicting the U.S. and made worldwide headlines in 2016 when a 35-year-old attorney in London lost his 18-year-old boyfriend to this very experience. Sexualized drug use commonly involves crystal methamphetamine and GHB, which create a phenomenal experience where the struggles and sexual inhibitions common in MSM are overrun by a rush of dopamine and other neurotransmitters creating a sexual experience that will last from hours to days at a time.

Those engaging in Chemsex often report everything about sex feeling amazing, where ejaculations are explosive, and encounters are endless. The highly addictive drugs used allow their user to stay up for days at a time engaging in sexual activity the entire time, almost immediately after use. Sex without the drugs becomes impossible, and the relief that sex brings becomes one’s most important need. Read more via Lavender