How To Be A Better Ally To Your Trans Coworkers, According To Experts

A lot of people think change always comes from the top an organization, but every day actions can make a huge difference in your workplace culture. This matters immensely for all your coworkers, but especially those who are marginalized, and who may not have as much freedom to speak up. Even if you aren't a leader within your company, there are small ways you can support your transgender coworkers, such as the language you use, the behaviors you refuse to tolerate, and the policies you demand your company put in place.

According to the National Center for Transgender Equality, around 70 percent of transgender people hide their gender transitions to avoid discrimination in the workplace, and 57 percent delay transition completely. Clark Musto, senior clinical research manager at Janssen, a pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson, has first-hand experience transitioning openly in the workplace, and says there’s so much more that companies can do to make the workplace more inclusive to transgender people.

“There are many trans people who do not feel safe to be themselves at work,” Musto tells Bustle. “This is the most fundamental challenge of being trans at work: can I work here and be supported?”  Read more via Bustle