How the word ‘queer’ was adopted by the LGBTQ community

Originally a derogatory name for a homosexual, “queer” has been embraced by some in the nonheterosexual community. In response, some activists in the gay community (to use a broad term) started calling themselves “queer” in a prideful way.

Japan: Reporters and LGBT parties publish guidelines for reporting

"As media coverage on sexual diversity such as LGBT has increased, prejudice and discrimination are still in society, and as a result, we have often seen cases in which the parties are suffering by the press" said Yuichi Kamiya Secretary General of the LGBT Federation.

International Women’s Day: Women have been written out of power – time is ripe for a new language of equality

As we mark International Women’s Day after a year of renewed media attention to issues of gender inequality, it could be that there are more important threats facing women and the survival of our planet, than mere words.