New York

US: Five Key Moments in Queer Activism, from Stonewall to Today

In speeches written for our Queeroes Awards dinner, historian Hugh Ryan revisits some of the most crucial moments of our community's history.

US: ‘Gay Panic’ Defenses Are Banned in N.Y. Murder Cases

Since as early as the 1960s, defense lawyers have introduced the idea that people accused of murdering lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people had acted in a state of temporary insanity caused and justified by their victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

US: It Didn’t End With Cakes

The case is part of a nationwide crusade by evangelical Christians to weaponize the First Amendment and religious freedom to defend anti-gay bigotry.

US: Male, Female or ‘X’: The Push for a Third Choice on Official Forms

New York City is the latest place to offer gender-neutral birth certificates. But after someone changes the sex to “X,” things get complicated.

US: Openly Gay State Senator to Journalists: Stop Reporting New York Banned Conversion Therapy

“Why it’s so important that New Yorkers think it’s an issue is that there are new conversion therapy centers in New York — out of all the states in the country. People think that conversion therapy is a Middle America issue when L.A. and New York City have the highest concentration of conversion therapy centers.”