UK: The Drug GHB Is Killing Gay Men. This Survey Will Help Uncover The Scale Of The Problem.

A new survey will aim to capture the experiences of gay and bisexual men with the drug GHB — also known as G, GBL, or Gina. Evidence suggests there could be more hazards associated with it than previously thought.

Following three years of reporting on this drug, its effects, and the reasons people take it, BuzzFeed News has teamed up with Channel 4 in the UK to make a documentary about what G is doing to this community. As part of the Dispatches series, the film will include the results of this survey to uncover the true scale of the issue.

The survey, produced with the Terrence Higgins Trust, is completely anonymous and takes less than two minutes. No one's name, details, or identity will be known or used for any purposes.

This survey is completely anonymous, nothing you say can EVER be connected to you. It should take less than 2 minutes.

There is growing concern about some of the dangers of the drug GHB/GBL, also known as G, and the effect it is having on the LGBT community.  Channel 4, BuzzFeed News and the Terence Higgins Trust are making a sensitive documentary exploring this, to better understand people's experiences with G.  We're a well established documentary production company - check us out at - and are working with an award-winning LGBT reporter.  

We don't need your name or ANY identifying details.  By filling in this survey, you can help us reveal what is happening, increase the help available, and hopefully save lives. Thank you.

If you have further experiences or problems arising from G that you wish to share in confidence, please email or

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