India: A Website that Created 'Safe Space' for Sexual Assault Survivors Wants the Queer Community to #BreakTheSilence

"I still feel the bite marks, blood stains, and betrayal...." reads one of the sexual survivor's account.

For most people, across the world, sexual assault has been associated with shame. 'What were you wearing?' 'What time of the day was it?' 'Why didn't you take a cab instead of a bus?' are some of the questions that sexual assault survivors are often asked. In some cases, it's the politicians and the police-- the apparent protectors of the society-- who make the survivors go through another round of harassment even when they muster up the courage to speak about it. But sometimes, it's their own family members.

Last year, led by a Human Rights Lawyer, Urmila Pullat, a bunch of people got together and launched How Revealing-- a website to record experiences of every sexual assault-- doesn't matter how irrelevant it may have seemed to the survivor.

Now, taking a step forward, they have extended it to the queer community.

In collaboration with Gaylaxy Magazine, How Revealing is creating a safe space for people of the LGBTQ community to not just share their instances anonymously, but also document it. This, to show the sheer number of victims of sexual assault that no amount of recorded data usually has.

The platform seeks to reduce victim shaming and the stigma and silence surrounding violence. Read more via News18