On the March

Where does Malaysia stand on gay rights?

One government minister criticises a feminist rally for including LGBT campaigners, another claims there are no gay people in Malaysia

Has Pakatan Harapan forgotten its pre-election pledges – or is this a cynical attempt to court the conservative Muslim vote?

Malaysia: Marina accuses Mujahid, Wan Saiful of 'misogyny' over Women's March remarks

"I'm really beginning to believe that men really believe that women’s issues are trivial, and that’s why they will find any excuse to not respond to demands to address anything that truly affects women. It’s called misogyny!”

Malaysia: Backlash against International Women’s Day march distracts from key demands

 The organisers of the International Women's Day march on March 9 would like to restate the five demands that brought together hundreds of supporters from all walks of life in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu.

Australia: Victoria to ban gay conversion therapy

“The notion that any gay Victorian is broken and needs to be fixed, the notion that any gay Victorian can be cured … is such a hurtful, wrong, absolutely disgraceful way to approach what should be about inclusion and acceptance”