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Why Argentina still doesn’t have comprehensive sex education

#ConMisHijosNoTeMetas: Don’t mess with my kids

Thirteen years after Argentina passed a law that proposed a country-wide comprehensive sexual education curriculum, it is still being met with resistance.

US: A legislator’s daughter called him out for endorsing an anti-LGBT bill, so he apologized

A Republican lawmaker from Kansas has apologized and removed his name from a piece of highly contentious anti-LBGTQ legislation after his daughter wrote an open letter, publicly shaming him for sponsoring it.

UK: School lessons to cover sexting, FGM and mental health

Three new subjects have been created – relationships education from primary school, relationships and sex education at secondary school, and health education for all ages in which students will learn about the importance of getting enough sleep, the dangers of sexting and how to spot anxiety in their friends.

US: Proposed U.S. state law would limit play for transgender students

Lawmakers in the U.S. Midwest on Thursday weighed a proposal to limit transgender students’ right to play school sports, a measure legal experts say would be as incendiary as a bathroom ban approved three years ago in the state of North Carolina.