School Days

Canada: UR Pride Centre opens new community hub for LGBTQ youth

“2SLGBTQ people experience some of the highest rates of unemployment and underemployment, often due to the lack of opportunities to expand their skills in a safe and inclusive environment. This project prioritizes the capacity-building of this underrepresented group in order to ensure that they find and maintain productive employment in the future”

Japan: How a gay student’s suicide is helping Japan’s LGBT community speak up

Gay graduate student was found dead on campus soon after he was outed in 2015

Japan’s LGBT community has long been silent about the struggles of coming out, and advocates say the country still has ‘a huge problem’ with insensitivity around the subject

US: The Future Is Non-Binary, and Teens Are Leading the Way

Teenage girls are challenging the meaning and the traditional constraints of gender in ways I couldn't have imagined—but many boys are still trying to fit into a gender structure that has historically benefited them.

Canada: Calgary LGBT advocates protest UCP plan they say would 'out' kids

Hundreds of people marched in southwest Calgary Thursday in support of gay-straight alliances, and to oppose a plan that they say could see LGBT kids outed without their consent.

US: Substitute teacher fired from McCormick after reporting hate speech, LCSD1 investigating

 A substitute teacher who co-sponsored the Gay Straight Alliance club at Cheyenne'e McCormick Junior High was fired shortly after news broke that anti-gay and racist flyers had been posted and distributed at the school.