Regarding Religion

Australia: Religious freedom backflip: Anglican Archbishop 'deeply sorry' for schools' letter

The Anglican Archbishop of Sydney says he is "deeply sorry" for a letter signed by 34 church schools that argued for the preservation of laws giving them the power to discriminate against gay students and teachers.

Armenia: Organisers Forced to Cancel LGBT Christian Forum in Yerevan, Armenia Amidst Violence and Death Threats

We are deeply distressed and disappointed that political violence, death threats, and vandalism directed at LGBTI people are constituting a genuine threat to the safety of our participants.

Australia: 'Devastating': Anglican heads' letter prompts anger and division

Angry Anglican school alumni are planning protests and signing petitions decrying their former principals' decisions to campaign for the preservation of powers that would let them discriminate against gay staff.

Taiwan: 140,000 March for 2018 Taiwan Pride, but Challenges Still Remain

Many speeches today at the pride parade were responding to criticisms of marriage equality by anti-gay groups, such as speakers emphasizing the importance of sexual education and teaching pluralized and diverse social values through education, or that gay marriage is not incompatible with Asian social values in the way that anti-gay groups sometimes claimed.