India: Tamil Nadu Becomes First State to Ban Sex Reassignment Surgeries for Intersex Infants

Gov’t said that reassignment surgeries will be allowed in cases of life-threatening situations, which will be decided after the recommendations of a committee.

China: Transgender people risk their lives with dangerous self-surgery

Transgender people in China are performing highly dangerous surgery on themselves and buying unsafe hormone treatments on the black market because it is almost impossible for them to access the health care they urgently need, Amnesty International said in a new report

India: Why Madras High Court Ban On Sex Change Surgery For Intersex Children Is Significant

It can be hoped that the ban on sex change surgery for intersex children will help prevent those medical interventions which are guided by parental anxiety rather than by medical advice.

Canada: Raising an intersex child 'This is your body. ... There's nothing to be ashamed of'

Eric and Stephani felt there was nothing wrong with appearing different, and if there was going to be a surgery, Rosie deserved a choice in the matter. They remained adamant about not consenting to the gender “normalizing” surgeries.

US: The Administration Is Trying to Make It Easier for Doctors to Deny Care to LGBTQ People

Health-care providers would be able to refuse to provide treatment, referrals, or assistance with procedures if these activities would violate their stated religious or moral convictions.