Regarding Religion

Global Rainbow Catholics meet in Chicago

Developing partnerships and alliances with Catholic church groups and addressing disadvantage in the lives of LGBTIQ people

Australia: Christian Porter says religious freedom bill won't erode state LGBT protections

Attorney general says bill ‘is not intended to displace state law nor will it import specific provisions of international law’

US: Faith-based attempt to narrowly redefine human rights

If the United States asks the international community to redefine human rights as religious rights, it will have the support of a vast coalition of very different countries—a coalition of which Russia has, for a decade, been the informal leader.

US: Indianapolis Archdiocese aggressive, but not alone, in firing gay teachers. Here's why.

Indianapolis is not the first city to see its Catholic schools grappling with the employment of LGBT people but some advocates say the archdiocese — and Archbishop Charles C. Thompson — seems to be pursuing the issue more aggressively than elsewhere in the country.

Australia: LGBTQI community urged to take part in "religious freedom" consultations

LGBTQI people of faith have been urged to make their views known to the Australian Government about proposed religious discrimination and “religious freedom” legislation in the wake of the Israel Folau saga.

Australia: Scott Morrison urges colleagues to avoid another religious freedom row

Scott Morrison has urged his colleagues to avoid another row on religious freedom as the government prepares to put new laws to Parliament as early as July 22 to prevent discrimination on the basis of someone's faith.