New Tools for Addressing Violence and HIV—Linked Public Health Challenges—in KP Programs

Members of key populations experience disproportionate burdens of both HIV and violence. These epidemics are linked—violence increases HIV vulnerability and poses a barrier to HIV testing, disclosure and adherence to antiretroviral therapy.

Thailand: HIV Workers from across Asia Explore Innovative Use of Social and Digital Media to Combat HIV

Reducing rising rates of HIV transmission among Asian gay men through the innovative use of digital communications is the focus of a special event which opened today in Bangkok.

US: USAID urged to fund LGBT advocacy efforts in Central America

Six members of Congress urged the U.S. Agency for International Development to fund LGBT advocacy efforts in Central America specifically to support advocacy groups in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. In their request, the congress members list specific examples of violence against LGBT people in the three countries. They make note of both large scale injustices, including the nearly 200 LGBT Hondurans killed between 2009 - 2014, to the individual stories of men and women who have been brutally attacked. 

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Jamaica: Health Ministry to reach gays, sex workers through church

The Church and other faith-based organisations have been targeted by the Ministry of Health (MoH) as part of a campaign to improve attitudes and behaviours among vulnerable high-risk groups such as homosexuals and prostitutes, and to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Approximately $298 million is to be spent next year on the programme, which is funded by grants from the United States Agency for International Development. At least 4,535 homosexuals are to be targeted for small-group level HIV preventable interventions. Additionally, 6,537 prostitutes will be targeted for similar interventions during the course of the fiscal year. Read More 

Anti-gay Inter-Religious Council fires all staff

The sudden withdrawal of a grant worth billions of shillings by USAID has paralyzed operations at the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda. The multi-denominational organization was forced to lay off all staff after USAID abruptly ended its financial support worth $34.5m (Shs 89.7bn). The Uganda organization says it is a victim of its anti-gay stance, although some sources claim it failed to meet some of USAID’s rigorous accountability procedures. Moments after USAID withdrew its funding, the Democratic Governance Facility of European Union, withdrew its Shs 1.9bn funding for a three-year project on governance and accountability. IRCU suspects DFG’s withdrawal was influenced by USAID. Read More

'Being LGBTI in Asia'

New report was launched by UNDP and USAID together with grassroots Asian LGBT organizations and community activists to understand the challenges faced by LGBTs in eight Asian countries. It provides a comprehensive overview of the condition of Chinese LGBT people and organizations in terms of laws, policies, cultural and social attitudes, regional variations within China, and government engagement.It also documents the challenges faced by LGBT people in education, employment, health, family affairs, media and technology, and community development. Read More